iCARE Project Showcased at the Advanced Materials Show 2024

15 May 2024

The iCARE project recently made a significant impact at the Advanced Materials Show 2024, held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, on May 15-16, 2024. This prestigious event brought together a diverse group of attendees, including industry leaders, innovators, and representatives from various levels of government and civil society, to discuss the latest advancements in materials science.

Stephen Hodge from Versarien, a key partner in the iCARE project, delivered an engaging presentation iCARE Project Showcased at the Advanced Materials Show 2024 which included detailed slides on the iCARE project, emphasizing regulatory updates and exposure scenarios related to graphene. He highlighted the rigorous safety and regulatory frameworks that are being developed and implemented to ensure that graphene's commercialization is both safe and sustainable. This focus on regulation is crucial for gaining the trust of both the public and industry stakeholders.

The event saw a robust turnout, with industry and business partners, innovators, and representatives from EU institutions in attendance. Additionally, there were notable presences from national, regional, and local authorities, as well as civil society, research communities, and investors. This wide array of stakeholders underscored the broad interest and potential impact of the advancements discussed.

The participation and interest from such a diverse group of attendees underscore the far-reaching implications of the iCARE project's work. As the project continues to develop, events like the Advanced Materials Show will be crucial for sharing knowledge, gaining feedback, and fostering collaborations that drive the industry forward.