iCARE Project Featured at IEC TC113 Workshop in Seoul

22 Apr 2024

The iCARE project was prominently showcased at the IEC TC113 Workshop held on April 22, 2024, in Seoul, South Korea. This workshop brought together key stakeholders from various sectors to discuss the latest developments in the manufacture and applications of graphene and related nanomaterials.

Stephen Hodge from Versarien, an integral partner in the iCARE project, delivered a compelling presentation titled "Manufacture and Applications of Graphene & Related Nanomaterials." His talk provided in-depth insights into the iCARE project, particularly focusing on the practical applications and regulatory aspects of graphene. 

The workshop attracted a diverse group of participants, including representatives from international organizations, national and regional authorities, and the research community, underscoring the global interest in graphene's capabilities and the iCARE project's innovations.

The IEC TC113 Workshop served as a crucial platform for the iCARE project to disseminate its research findings and technological advancements to a global audience.