United for Safety: The Successful Joint Workshop on Nanomaterial Test Harmonisation Spearheaded by iCare and Partners

24 Nov 2023

In the quest for safer and more sustainable nanotechnology practices, the recently concluded webinar on the 'Harmonisation of Test Methods for Nano and Advanced Materials' marked a significant milestone. Held on 22-23 November 2023, the event built upon the legacy of the NanoHarmony and NANOMET workshops, pushing forward the agenda of integrating nanomaterials into the OECD Test Guideline (TG) development process.

The workshop was the result of a collaborative effort from Horizon Europe projects—  iCare, MACRAME and nanoPASS —in partnership with the Malta Initiative. This event underscored the importance of internationally harmonised and standardised test methods for the safety and sustainability assessment of chemicals and materials.

Experts from iCare and other leading projects shared their insights on the current and future landscapes of TG developments. The sessions provided attendees with a wealth of knowledge on ongoing OECD TG developments and gave a forward-looking perspective from the Malta Initiative on the European Test Method Strategy.

Day one featured a series of presentations by specialists, including iCare's own Alberto Katsumiti from GAIKER, who shed light on the project's progressive approach to harmonisation. The day concluded with an engaging round table that fostered discussions on bridging in vitro models with regulatory frameworks.

The workshop's second day honed in on the specifics of standardisation, particularly focusing on the characterisation of graphene materials. It addressed the current regulatory challenges and mapped out pathways for future test method developments. The discussions were complemented by a round table on the need for characterisation and test method advancements for graphene, steering the conversation towards actionable outcomes.

As the curtains close on this impactful event, the conversations and collaborations it sparked are just beginning. The insights and strategies shared have set the stage for a future where nanomaterials and advanced materials can be utilised with confidence in their safety and sustainability.

You can watch the recordings of the workshop here.

For ongoing developments and to stay engaged with future initiatives, stakeholders are encouraged to follow the iCare project.